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Body Art Related Sites

Massive online site concerning not only tattoos but all forms of body modification.

Body Piercing-Modification Studios

Black Diamond Body Piercing
A good friend of ours who happens to be an amazing piercer!


Pigs Eye Pub
A great bar we frequent with cool people who work there, and plus there is always no cover!


Drunk Stuntmen
Good music here.

Myspace Pages

Myspace for Alex Vidaud

Myspace for Johnny Berrios

Myspace for Stretch

Our shop managers myspace

Tattoo Artists

Carson Hill
Cool dude, great artist and inventor of Neuma Tattoo Machines.
Eva Huber
Jeff Gogue
Jeff Johnson
Joe Capobianco
Great artist and a good guy!

Johnny Berrios
Friend and coworker
Khalil Rivera
Lou Jacque
Lou Jacque Tattoos
Mike Gutowski

Nathan Kostechko
Nathan Kostechko Tattoos
Nick Baxter
Tattoos By Nick Baxter
Orrin Hurley
Paul Acker
Phil Young
Tattoo Andy
The Strom Refinery

tattoo industry

About Tattoo
Lots of information about tattoos here!
Every Tattoo
A online tattoo community with flash designs and forum as well as artist and shop directory.
A great online community for tattoo artists and collectors. Look for us on there as well! (Stretchtattoos, AlexVidaud, JohnnyBerrios)
Tattoo site with information as well as flash designs, and a shop directory.
An online tattoo community.
The Vanishing Tattoo
The Vanishing Tattoo

tattoo machines

Neuma Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Magazine

International Tattoo Art

Prick Magazine
PRICK Magazine
Tattoo Society Magazine
A great Magazine.

Tattoo Studios

Hope gallery
Hope Gallery Tattoo Studio

Nautilus Tattoo
Nautilus Tattoo, The shop I work at

Off The Map Tattoo
I guest spot at this shop every Wednesday.


E Tattoos
Tons of tattoo designs here as well as listings of shops. Also has a dating forum!
Tattoo designs online!

Urban Apparel

Steadfast Brand Clothing

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